According to supreme court ruling, now rummy is fully legal in India. So continue Playing Indian Rummy Game, Play more, and Earn more. Sharpen your Skills by Playing Rummy Online.

The primary purpose of ahujarummy is to provide wholesome entertainment to individuals, their family, friends and colleagues. ahujarummy is meant for time pass and provides you the ability to earn money – a completely different approach to most free card game sites.

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It is Legal to Play Rummy.
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The various Supreme Court rulings and the Gaming Acts of India imply the following: Gaming or gambling means betting and wagering on games of chance. Playing games of skill for cash does not constitute gambling. Games of skill are exempt from the penal provisions of most gambling acts. Rummy is a game of skil

So yes, it is perfectly legal to play rummy for cash on our game as long as you are not playing from the states of Andrapradesh, Sikkim , Assam, Odisha, Telangana. In these states the Gaming Laws are less clear. As we get more clarity on the laws in these states, we might reconsider offering our services to residents of these states as well.